Children's Allergy Clinic


A comprehensive service is provided for both general paediatrics as well as the diagnosis and management of allergies. These include:

- Allergic Rhinitis (hayfever)

- Asthma

- Eczema

- Urticaria (hives)

- Food Allergies

- Recurrent upper and lower airway infections

Diagnostic testing includes:

- Skin prick testing for the diagnosis of food and inhalant allergies (Note: Antihistamines should be stopped 3 days prior to testing).

- Oral food challenges in patients with known or suspected food allergies.

- Lung function tests for diagnosis and assessing control of asthma.

- Immunotherapy for desensitisation to specific allergens causing allergic disease.

There has been a dramatic rise in paediatric allergies in recent years with a shortage of referral centres to adequately manage these patients. As a specialist paediatrician, it is Dr Naidoo's passion for allergies that drives this clinic. She aims to provide a compassionate and detailed approach in diagnosing and managing children of all ages with allergic disease.